Gym in Groningen

Looking for a gym in Groningen?

Push & Pull Fitness is the local gym in Groningen. Are you into fitness, weightlifting, powerlifting or just looking for a compact gym with highly motivating people who are here to help eachother? Then we are the gym for you. 

Compact in size, big in results

With 200 m2 we are not a gym for the masses and we have members from every level of fitness. This is how we create envirement where there is enough knowledge to learn from. Our staff has a lot experience in fitness training and are here to help you out with any fitness related questions. You can always ask us for tips about technique, trainingplan & nutrition. 

The Gym in Groningen centre

Push & Pull Fitness is located in the city centre of Groningen and the UMCG is around the corner. This makes our gym ideal for international students & expats in Groningen.


Are interested in our gym? You are welcome to come over and try it for yourself. It is not necessary no make an apointment, but if you want some additional information or are interested in personal training with us it’s more ideal to make an apointment. Then we can take the time to see how we can help you best.

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